VL-SDU08 – Serial Digital Converter 2008

VL-SDU08 – Serial Digital Converter 2008

The serial digital converter is based on the SLIF P2S32 module and has the capability of generating digital outputs controlled by the received serial NMEA data or vica versa.

Power supply 24 V DC
Contact 1 A / 30 V DC
Temperatue -15 up to +55 °C
Dimension 176mm x 104mm x 41mm (H/D/B)
Weight approx. 400g


When the NMEA Signal Wind (MWV) is imported and the customer is seeking a digital output achieving 10 m/sec, for example, the input signal is analysed by the NMEA and once the preset threshold is reached (10m/sec.) the digital potential-free contact is set to the module.

The following can be set: limit, delay time and drop-out time.

Another available utility is the speed-dependent rudder-stop position restrictor.

An over-ride function with external key switches is available.



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