VL-PSG001 – Power supply unit

VL-PSG001 – Power supply unit (according to IEC 60945)

The power supply unit VL-PSG001 has been developed for the use in shipping (EN 60945) and technically sophisticated applications. It supplies devices with 24V – 28VDC (variably adjustable) from a primary voltage of 94 – 264VAC or 110 – 300VDC and may therefore be employed by security-relevant consumers without any switching delay.

power supply unit

Main features

Feeding voltage (primary) 94 – 264VAC or 110 – 300VDC
External input for bypass 24 – 30VDC
Output voltage 24 – 28VDC (30VDC on customer request)
Output max. 480W; 8 sec. 150% available
Fuse 20A secondary
Dimensions 200mm x 300mm x 120mm (WxHxD)
Weight approx. 4.5 kg
Class of protection IP 33
Safety features Short-circuit-proof; Overload-proof; Thermal overload protection; Incrush current limitation

Converters and Inerfaces, Systems, Video, PCI Devices & Applications