2NMEA to2R – Redundant NMEA Expander

2NMEA to2R – Redundant NMEA Expander

The scope of the module is the interconnection of devices on ships which sends serial signals corresponding to the NMEA standard. The 2NMEAto2R – module contains two identical, redundant systems that add 2 NMEA sources into one signal stream and send on two, electrically isolated RS422 outputs. The NMEA inputs are to each other and from the RS422 outputs galvanically isolated. The system state of each system is as output as common alarm through a relay contact and a LED.


Main features

Power supply 24 V (9-32 V) / approx. 120 mA
Dimensions 165mm x 44mm x 108mm
Input 2x 2NMEA up to 38400bps (galvanic isolated)
Output 2x 2 sender RS 422
  4800 – 38400bps – galvanic isolated
  Automatic Baud rate detection
Applications Interconnection of 2 NMEA / RS422 signals to one data stream, which will send out over two RS422 outputs 2 redundant systems with the same function for secured applications

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