1NMEA to2 – NMEA Expander 2 channel

1NMEA to2 – NMEA Expander 2 channel

The module 1NMEA to2 is designed for the distribution from one serial
data source (NMEA or RS 422) to max. two receivers (RS 422 or NMEA).
The input of the module can be scheduled with help of the
jumper J1 (120 Ohm). The input is galvanically isoltaed from the outsputs and
the power supply.




Main features

Power supply 24 V (9-32 V) / max. 50 mA
Temperature -10…+70°C
Dimensions 100mm x 50mm x 25mm
Weight approx. 80g
Plug connector 1x 2-pol. strip RM5 – power supply
  1x 2-pol. strip RM5 – input NMEA/RS422 (galvanically isolated)
  1x 4-pol. strip RM5 – output NMEA/RS422
Applications Isolation and distribution of signal sources (e.g. GPS) to multiple, individually configurable receivers (e.g. Radar)
Baud rate 110bps – 921600bps

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