VL-24/6.5 /2A – Power supply unit

VL-24/6.5 /2A – Power supply unit

The printer power supply unit VL-24/6.5/2A serves the power supply of OEM components with 6.5 volts that are functioning in an on-board network at a rated voltage of 24 volts. The power supply unit is provided with a wide-range input (+-30%) to ensure failure-free operation of the components in case of  variation of the on-board voltage.

power supply

Main features

Power supply 24 VDC
Dimensions 100mm x 50mm x 25mm
  distance between the fixing hole 88x61mm
  diameter 3mm
Plug connector 1x barrel connector 2,1×5,5mm / L=9mm
  1x LP-clamp 2pol. / 0,2-1,5mm2
Assignment 1x input 24V +-30%
  1x output 6,5V +-3% / max. 2A
Application power supply unit for 24V distribution

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