VL-BRC09-E – NMEA-Ethernet Converter

VL-BRC09-E – NMEA-Ethernet Converter (according to IEC 60945)

The VL-BRC09-E converts the adjustable baud rate of input NMEA telegrams on an RS422 interface. The telegrams are transmitted through both the RS422 and the Ethernet interface with 10/100 Mbit. Telegrams received through Ethernet are output as NMEA via the RS422. The component has been successfully tested according to IEC 60945 and thus can be employed in the bridge area of seagoing vessels. It is possible to receive NMEA telegrams with an adjustable baud rate of 4800 bps to 38400 bps and send these telegrams with a separately adjustable baud rate of 4800 bps up to 115200 bps. With an additional parameter the output frequency of the last telegram received can be set.



Main features:

Dimensions 110mm x 42mm x 55mm (length x width x height)
Microcontroller P89V664FA Kbyte Flash Rom and 2 Kbyte SRAM on Chip, Watchdog
  1x full duplex UART
Power supply UB = +9…32V / Pv approx. 2.4 W;
  inverse-polarity protection and self-healing fuse 1.5A
Plug connector Wago clamp-connections
  Connections up to 2,5mm²
Communication 1x RS422 galvanic isolated and, optionally, Ethernet
Additional features With jumper´s following modifications and situations are possible: RS 422 mode or RS 485 mode; bus termination on module, reset, parameter input and firmware update

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