STIF A4D16 / 2.5 – Steering Interface

STIF A4D16 / 2.5 – Steering Interface

Interface for the installation of voyage data recorders (VDR), electronically sea charts (ECDIS) or various indications in the maritime sector. It can also be used for the acquisition of the analog and digital signals in measuring and monitoring systems.


Main features

Power supply 24 V (9-32 V) / 500 mA
Dimensions 203mm x 107mm x 64mm
Plug connector 2x 4-pol. and 2x 16-pol.; Strip RM3.5
Assignment 4x analog input (+-10 V or +-20 mA) selectable by jumpers
  16x digital input (4x voltage inputs, 12x dry contacts or voltage); alarm contact output
Option Housing with DIN mounting rail
Applications Converting of steering and engine information to NMEA information

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