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1NMEA to2 – NMEA Expander 2 channel

1NMEA to2 – NMEA Expander 2 channel

The 1NMEA to2_2 is designated for the distribution from one serial data source (NMEA) to max. two receivers (RS 422 or NMEA). This function is double available (2x (1 input + 2 outputs)). The two NMEA inputs of the module are separately scheduled with help of switch S1 and galvanically isolated from the power supply and the outputs.


Main features

Power supply 24 V (9-32 V) / 300 mA
Dimensions 176mm x 104mm x 41mm
Plug connector 1x 4-pol. and 1x 16-pol.; Strip RM3.5
Assignment 2x input NMEA (galvanically isolated)
  2×2 outputs RS 422/NMEA
Option Housing with DIN mounting rail
Applications Isolation and distribution of signal sources (e.g. GPS) to multiple, individually configurable receivers (e.g. Radar)
Baud rate 110bps – 38400bps

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