1NMEA to8 – NMEA Expander 8 channel

1NMEA to8 – NMEA Expander 8 channel

Type examination certificate no. BSH 46162/0041795/11

The 1NMEA to8 is designated for the distribution from one serial data
source (NMEA or RS 232) to max. eight NMEA receivers. In case of
usage of NMEA source the RS 232 port can be use for a monitoring of a
data string. The NMEA input channel are galvanically isolated from the system
and from the power supply. At a power failure or malfunction, the NMEA
input will be automatically switched to the first output to ensure safe

1NMEA to

Main features

Power supply 24 V (9-32 V) / 500 mA
Dimensions 176mm x 104mm x 41mm
Plug connector 1x DSUB9 / 1x 4-pol. and 1x 16-pol.; Strip RM3.5
Assignment 1x input NMEA (galvanically isolated)
  1x input/output RS 232 (Rx/Tx)
  8x output NMEA
Option Housing with DIN mounting rail
Applications Isolation and distribution of signal sources (e.g. GPS) to multiple, individually configurable receivers (e.g. Radar)
Baud rate 110bps – 38400 bps

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