VL – Gyro Repeater

VL – Gyro Repeater

The VL – Gyro Repeater indicates heading and rate-of-turn. Depending on the rate of-turn the two color LED ring rotates, towards starboard in green and towards portside in red. Automatic Baud rate detection supports easy installation and commissioning.

gyro repeater

Main features

Power supply 24VDC (9-36 VDC) / approx. 400mA
Dimensions 175mm x 95mm x 75mm
Plug connector 1x 9-pol.; Strip RM3.5
Assignment 1x 2 input Power
  1x 2 input NMEA
  1x 2 output NMEA
  1x 2 input for external dimmer
Applications Display of Heading and Rate of Turn
Baud rate 110bps – 38400bps
  with automatic baud rate detection


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