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SBPS – Standby Power Supply

SBPS – Standby Power Supply

The SBPS / 2.5 module in conjunction with the BP / 2.5 module is an intelligent Mini USV designed for power supply with 24V including 4 fused outputs and 2 inputs for external, constantly rechargeable NiMH battery packs. With the help of two redundant RS422 inputs, serial telegrams may be processed, e.g. for time synchronisation with the internal RTC or for power management tasks such as limitation of battery life, alarm analysis or final self-shut down when the minimum discharge threshold of the battery packs has been reached. The output of alarm telegrams and the ZDA telegram is carried out through an RS422 interface with up to 115200bps. The overall system can be completely switched on and off through a key switch.


Main features

Power supply 24 V (+/- 10%) / max. 1800 mA / 43VA
Capacity secondary up to 6.5 Ah 130VAh
Output 4x 21.5 V / 1 A (self-resetting fuse)
Dimensions/Weight SBPS: 165mm x 85mm x 44mm (WxDxH) / approx. 560g
  BP: 165mm x 85mm x 54mm (WxDxH) / approx. 1.4 kg
Plug connector 1x 4-pole RM5 Strip (voltage supply and RS422-RX1)
  1x 4-pole RM5 Strip (RS422-RX2 and Tx2)
  4x 2-pole RM5 Strip (4x output voltage)
  2x 3-pol. RM5 Strip (2x connector for external battery pack)
Option DIN mounting rail with clips
Applications Emergency power supply and buffering of security-relevant hardware components, such as alarm systems and network components with time monitoring, generation of a battery-buffered system time and output as a ZDA telegram

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